White Teas

Elegant in its needle shape, our ORGANIC Yin Zhen is best described as subtly aromatic and refreshing.  Harvested in the first flush, unopened buds are hand processed maintaining their needle shape and a savory flavor that is delicate with a pronounced sweetness.  This tea goes well with light meals, fresh vegetables, sweets, and is a perfect cup of tea for relaxation. Infuse a rounded tablespoon of leaf in water at a temperature of 165-175 degrees for 2 minutes. $4 per person

A visual and taste delight! A fresh, early-picked mix of light and dark green leaves and silvery buds. A EU Standard ORGANIC white tea from the Fuding Mountains of Fujian Province, young leaves are withered then fired to preserve their light-green colors and natural sweetness. When brewed the cup is amber-colored, offering a smooth, sweet flavor with hints of melon and fruit.  Be generous with the leaf and brew for 3 minutes at 170-185 degrees F. $3 per person

Grown in the mountains in northern Fujian Province near the Buddhist Drum Mountain Monastery where monks have harvested this tea for centuries.  A mix of full-sized light to dark green leaves, they make a fragrant and sweet white tea that is easy to drink, refreshes and compliments food.  Be generous with the leaf and brew for 2-3 minutes at a water temperature of 175-185 degrees. $4.50 per person


Its name comes from its unique shape and color. On one side of the leaf it is white and on the other is a shadowy black, like the moon. This tea has a rich and lively feel in your mouth with a smooth sweet flavor. The complex floral aroma and sweet finish suggests pit fruits, persimmons and wildflower honey. This tea can be brewed 10-12 times. High in the mountains of Yunnan Province, the leaves are handpicked and processed on the full-moon from ancient tea trees dating back as much as 400 years. Since the tea is raised and harvested bio-dynamically, the mountain people believe this handcrafted tea holds a unique energy and spirit from the full moon. Be generous with the leaf and brew for 2-3 minutes at a water temperature of 175-185 degrees. $4.50 per person

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